Shreveport First SDA Church

Looking forward to the return of Christ

Vespers Events

Vespers is an evening program that includes Worship music and a Sermonette. Sometimes after vesper we have socials in those cases it will be indicated. This is a beautiful way to close or open the Sabbath hours please join us.  


Friday Youth Vespers @ Shreveport South 7PM
A program designed and lead by Pastor Bryan Seymour to bring youth together to grow in Christ. Come begin your Sabbath with the Lord this isn't just for the young.


Sabbath Vespers @ Shreveport First  6:30PM August 7th 


Mid-week Manna @ Shreveport First 6:30PM
Prayer meeting designed to bring us closer to God through prayer and discussion of Scripture.


As events are planned we will add them to this page please check back to stay up to date! As well as any emergency news will be indicated at the top of the website and will display on every page. So please check the site before coming if you have any questions about a date.